Arundhati Mitter, Executive Director at Flow India, has for the span of last 6 years kept a close watch on how global educational frameworks can be adapted to the context of Indian learning ecosystems. Here, she reflects on India’s decision to end its PISA boycott and enter the fray in 2021.

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a triennial survey that evaluates education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students who are nearing the end of their compulsory education. …

Sarvesh Srinivasan, Executive Director at GEAR Foundation that manages Bangalore’s premium GEAR Innovative Intl. School, spoke to Flow about his work, vision, thoughts for the future of learning and what schools look for when they work with culture partners.

GEAR Cubs ‘puppet’ around at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath with Flow, India

On challenges to setting up the school

Most of my childhood, age 9 onwards, was centered around my…

Bangalore based Lekha Naidu, theatre practitioner, educator, arts administrator, and photographer, who has assisted Flow team in delivering quite a few programmes in the city, shares her thoughts on implementation of museum education outreach workshops at MAP (Museum of Art and Photography) and the value she sees in arts education.

Lekha in purple along with Flow team member at MAP

Notes from working with English and Social Sciences teachers of Bal Bharati School, Rewa

In the last two years of designing and implementing training workshops for English and Social Sciences teachers from classes 3–5 at Bal Bharati School, Flow team has had a unique opportunity to explore and address the…

UNESCO’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Education & Peace invited Professor Richard Davidson an American neuroscientist and psychologist to talk about the Centre for Healthy Mind’s research on how ‘well-being is a skill’.

Well-being was discussed as a state of being comprised of a set of skills, which can be learnt…

Social sciences teachers from Delhi participate in Flow’s popular teacher training programme on using museums as active sites for out-of-classroom learning

October 30 saw the Flow team deliver its 6th edition of the unique teacher training master class that focuses on object-based-learning in museum sites, delivered to 30 social sciences teachers from around Delhi.

The package designed around history and art galleries of National Museum activates the museum’s collections and ties them firmly with curriculum themes within social sciences.

A combination of engagement tools such as demonstration, discussion, role-playing, and art was used to showcase the full potential of museums as active spaces for learning.

Take a look at some photos and hear one of the participating teachers share her thoughts on the master class.

Flow orients teachers to value and basis of the museum and object-based learning

Flow India

Flow India is an education and culture organization with a human-centred design focus.

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